Sachy Comesana


Greetings & Welcome to My Personal Career Page!

The purpose of this site is to provide any future employers or partners with additional insight on who I am. The aim is to hi-light some of my professional attributes, by providing additional details that usually do not make it onto a professional curriculum or motivation letter. This site was created under my creative direction and exhibits some photos from my personal collection. You can say that I have a small passion for photography and enjoy taking scenic pictures throughout my travels.

The Basics 

I was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents that immigrated to the United States as teenagers, shortly after the Castro revolution. Thanks to their hard work over the years, I was able to attend some of the finest schools for my education. My first scholastic experiences where kept local in Miami Beach, then right before I turned 18 I moved to Lausanne, Switzerland to continue my high school education abroad. That was when I really fell in love with travels and the life experiences that where inevitable. Although I traveled with my family often, moving to Switzerland on my own for high school was the scariest and yet most exhilarating experience I could have ever dreamt of. After graduation, I decided that a Swiss college would be the best fit for my goals, because of the multicultural student body and the countries central location.